Beyond Conventional Boundaries: Crafting Your Dream Outdoor Elopement Among the Tides, Trails & Tall Trees.


Embracing Both Sides Of The Lens

From my own Redwood outdoor elopement to yours: a unique perspective

As an outdoor elopement photographer, I’m incredibly fortunate to capture the most intimate and cherished moments of couples’ lives in the stunning landscapes of Northern California.  

Having been in your shoes, I understand the mix of emotions that come with the idea of eloping.  This personal journey has given me a unique perspective, one that I wholeheartedly infuse into my work and interactions with my couples.

The magic that surrounded our wedding day is something I still daydream about with my husband, even seven years later. Making a sacred commitment to each other amongst the Redwoods in our own private little ceremony just felt so right for us, and still does. I love being able to now connect with other couples who share this joy.  

While I would love to say that I want to promise you the same overwhelming joy that I experienced on my wedding day with our photographer, my goal as an outdoor elopement photographer is to provide you with an even more exceptional experience. Deciding to put a focus towards elopement photography actually stemmed from being on the other side of the lens, and now my desire to ensure that couples have the best possible photo experience on their special day is a commitment that I hold quite dear.  

My journey as an elopement photographer is deeply rooted in the personal connections I build with my couples. I understand the nerves, the excitement, and the joy that comes with this intimate decision. Being able to relate to my couples helps me to feel more connected and comfortable, and I want them to feel the same.

Not to mention, but planning our elopement was an adventure in itself, something I know you can relate to if you’re currently there! I know first-hand the intricacies of finding the “perfect” spot, navigating the world of permits, and making sure that every detail aligns with the vision you and your partner have set in mind. Having done all of this myself, I provide tailored guidance, making the planning process seamless for my clients.

My own elopement is a memory that my husband and I will cherish forever. It’s an experience that greatly shapes how I approach elopement photography and is part of what distinguishes me from others in the field.

I would be stoked to capture your unique love story amid the Redwood Coast in Northern California. It would be an honor, making your elopement a beautiful chapter in your own special love story.

If you’re ready to start planning your elopement adventure or just have a question, feel free to reach out. I’ll drop a link below this to make it simple for you to get in touch. I’d love to connect and begin crafting your unforgettable love story in the Redwoods together.

With excitement for what’s to come,


September 19, 2023